This October, Jumping Rivers will be holding our in-person Shiny in Production conference! Hosted in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, this conference will delve into the world of {shiny} and other web based R packages.

Whether you’re a seasoned {shiny} user who wants to network and share knowledge, someone who’s just getting started and wants to learn from the experts, or anybody in between, if you’re interested in {shiny}, this conference is for you.

Find us at The Catalyst, 3 Science Square, Newcastle Helix, Newcastle, NE4 5TG.


Early bird registration ends 31st July 2022!

Registration timeline:

  • Early bird registration opens: NOW
  • Early bird registration ends: 31st July
  • General registration ends: 22nd September
  • Conference begins: 6th October

Registration is through Eventbrite. There are two types of tickets available:

Day 1 & 2 tickets include one of the day 1 workshops and the conference on day 2. The tickets are workshop specific, so please ensure that that you select the correct workshop when purchasing. These tickets also include a drinks reception on the evening of day 1, 6th October.

Day 2 only tickets are for those of you who wish to attend only the talks on day 2. The full line up will be announced soon!


Shiny in Production will take place over two days, split into an afternoon of workshops and a day of conference talks. Tickets are available for either the conference only, or for the conference and one of the day one workshops.

Day 1 - Thursday 6th October

Day 1 will consist of an afternoon of workshops run by our very own Jumping Rivers R pros.

These three workshops will be running in parallel, so when booking, please ensure that you select the correct workshop.

Workshop 1: Introduction to RStudio Connect - Time: 13:30 - 17:00

RStudio Connect is a hosting platform which makes publishing your shiny applications; plumber APIs; R Markdown documents, and many other content types, painless and easy. In this workshop we will demonstrate a few different workflows which allow you to host, share, and scale content on RStudio Connect.

Workshop 2: Introduction to Tableau - Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Faster and more capable of handling larger datasets than Excel, Tableau is quickly becoming a valuable tool for individuals and organisations who want to leverage their data. It’s more user-friendly and simpler to learn than programming languages, but still allows a high-level of customisation. This workshop is designed for people with no prior experience of Tableau, who want to get to grips with the basics of summarising and interactively visualising their data.

Workshop 3: Dashboards with R Markdown - Time: 13:30 - 17:00

R Markdown is an easy to use tool that allows you to dynamically create static or interactive documents and automatically update reports when data changes. Whether you are hoping to generate HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word like documents, or even slides for a presentation, R Markdown tailors to your needs. This workshop will demonstrate how to make simple flexdashboards in R Markdown.

For those of you attending a workshop, we will be hosting a drinks reception in the evening, which is included in the price of your ticket!

Day 2 - Friday 7th October

Day 2 will consist of a range of talks from expert speakers across industry. The line up is below!


Chris Beeley NHS

Next level Shiny- R, Python, and JavaScript

Gareth Burns Exploristics

Title TBC

Caterina Constantinescu GlobalLogic UK&I

Many ways to skin a cat: Situating Shiny among Python alternatives

Nic Crane Voltron Data

Title TBC

Colin Fay ThinkR

Title TBC

Andrew Patterson Jumping Rivers

Dockerising a Shiny App

Mark Sellors RStudio/Data Orchard

Title TBC

Mike Smith Pfizer

Offload data manipulation from your Shiny apps and dashboards using {pins}


Clarissa Barratt

Tim Brock

Rhian Davies

Colin Gillespie

Helen Murray

Nicola Rennie